There is only one goal in the eCommerce business: To get a ton of conversions. However, getting many customers does not automatically translate to conversions. There are different factors you need to stitch together to skyrocket your conversion rate. Here are tips you need to put into practice:

Use pictures of real products in your online store

Research shows that utilizing pictures of real products over icons or paintings can enhance any online store’s conversion rate by more than 90%. Pictures of real products add an aspect of trust that no text will do for you. The pictures must be high-quality to be able to achieve high conversions.

Beef up your store’s product descriptions

The importance of product descriptions cannot be underestimated when setting up your eCommerce store. Product descriptions provide valuable information to enable customers to make informed buying decisions. Make the product descriptions detailed, readable and digestible. Give an overview of the product in the introduction. The main body should point out the features, benefits and what the customer will benefit from buying the product. Just ensure you don’t get your descriptions from the manufacturer, as they tend to give biased opinions of their products.

Incorporate video product descriptions in your store

Research shows that most people have poor reading habits. So you’ll be doing these people and yourself a great favor by including video versions of your product descriptions. Text product descriptions are good, but video product descriptions are great. A video, for some reason, elicits engagements, increases concentration spans and skyrocket conversions.

Scratch out shipping costs in your eCommerce platform

It’s so agonizing for a customer to find a fairly priced product, only to be met with a significant shipping cost that adds up its total price. Most customers will simply walk away from your store and go to the competition if they encounter such. Statistics show that most eCommerce platform owners (50%) have scrapped the shipping cost from their products. If you have to include shipping cost, then make it fair to yourself and the customers.

Enhance the quality of the ‘’call to action’’ button on your online store

While contrasting the color of your call to action can help you increase your conversion rate, a quality one will increase your conversation rate 2-fold. Creating a seamless customer experience is key to increasing your conversion rate, so ensure your call to action button is high-quality and visible.

Ensure customers can contact your store with ease

Most people disregard this aspect, but it really impacts your conversion rate. Make sure you include your contact information if you are looking to sell online. Place the contact information at a strategic position in your online store, preferably in the header of your platform to enable customers to find it and you easily. Contact information also cultivates trust.