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Technology is moving at breakneck speed. Every minute we turn our heads; there is a new technology that is intended to make our lives easier. E-commerce is a domain that has largely embraced the rapid technological advancements. Today, e-commerce businesses are trending, with success pretty much guaranteed as shopping preferences have also rapidly changed.

Consumers are flocking to these online stores because they are convenient, cost-friendly and comfortable. However, as a business owner, the ready market does not translate to immediate sales. You need to offer an excellent customer experience that is in tune with the modern day customer requirements. Otherwise, they will simply move to the competition.

Here are tips and tricks to accelerate your conversions in the competitive 2017 market:

Set up interactive feedback mechanisms for your business online

Let’s admit it; the competition in 2017 is nothing but cut-throat. So any online merchant who offers excellent customer experience gets the biggest bite of the market share. Customers are always overwhelmed by the range of products and services available online, so they need some form of direction to make informed buying decisions. Real-time interactive feedback is one aspect that will keep your online platform afloat. Ensure your online platform has a live chat support to address this need. Real-time feedback will certainly increase goodwill and trust with your customers, and this will, ultimately, show in your conversion rate.


Change up your algorithm from desktop to mobile for your store

The recent announcement by Google that they are changing up their algorithm from desktop to mobile first indexing caught many online merchants by surprise. This change up was driven by the fact that mobile searchers exceeded desktop searchers, by far. Researchers have projected that the number of Smartphone users is going to increase 3-fold in 2017. A research study by Google also indicates that 34 percent of online purchases today happen through mobile devices and this rate is expected to increase significantly. So if you’re looking to supercharge your e-commerce store in 2017, mobile optimization for your site should be among your priorities.


Focus on unique and high-quality content for your online store

The adage ‘’content is king” is very much supreme and will still be supreme until the end of time. Statistically, 35% of traffic on any site is attributed to content. This statistic explains why you must focus on publishing great content on your site. The more relevant and superior quality content you publish, the more visitors will flock to your site to read it. And more visitors to your site mean more conversions. Try to publish an array of content, including articles, videos, graphics, and testimonials that are not overly promotional, but offer great insight about your site and what you’re offering.


Incorporate split testing method in your business online

Split testing or A/B testing is an innovative way of comparing multiple versions of any web page to determine which one performs better. When the split test is run, traffic to your web page is split between the two versions (A & B) and their performance is determined. You can use the best performer to enhance your site’s conversion rate.


In this day and age, there are lots of aspects that you need to implement on your store if you’re looking to sell online, including speed loading, writing product descriptions, bringing down shipping costs, landing page optimization and so on. However, the strategies highlighted above are paramount, and you should give them priority if you’re looking to ramp up your e-commerce store’s conversion rate quick.


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